melody and me

The Countdown…. Day 25. Perfect Preemies.

22nd March 2012 – Day 25

melody and me
Wearing her 3lb vest, it was still far too big for her.
She was after all still only 2lb.
She was having a duvet day that day, she remained in her incubator. We were able to perform her cares an give her a feed. Her tube pulling became less and less too, as they had moved her feeding tube from mouth to nose. She wasn’t keen in it in her mouth, but was still far too small for NG. However her feistyness┬ámeant that the nurses had to find a way to get the tube through her nose – and keep it there.

Perfect Preemies

Although small, and born super early, premature babies can really teach you a lot. They are incredibly clever, as with normal babies they know their own minds. With Melody she was able to teach us how little and how much she wanted to be touched, she was able to tell us when she had, had enough of being pulled about.

The most obvious of her hand gestures was to place an open palm in front of her face; that was to tell us, she wanted to rest.

perfect preemie

Melody really did know her own mind; along with doing the opposite to what we had been told to expect; she was feisty and nicknamed little Miss Fidgety Pants. Kicking the Doctor during her birth, hitting the cardiologist when he dared place gel on her tiny chest. she’d cry when it wasn’t expected; pull up to 12 feeding tubes a day.

She really was something else. They may be small but they really are perfect preemies.

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