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The Countdown…Day 23 Kangaroo Care

20th March 2012

That bliss, that we had been given hope.  It was hard to find hope, but we were given it.
We had walked into to be greeted with the news, that I could have Kangaroo Care…which is – Skin to skin cuddles.
kangaroo care
It wasn’t the first time I’d had a cuddle but was the first skin to skin.
Beneficial to both mum and baby, mum of course for bonding and milk production.
But for baby can be medicinal, our daughter’s observations stabilised, she was relaxed and appeared stress-free.
In some undeveloped countries, they use this technique as medicine alone. Places often sit mums down on a chair, somewhere comfortable and just let them cuddle their babies; providing them with food and drink. Skin to skin is also great for Dads too – sadly Melody’s Dad didn’t get the skin to skin.
melody and me
As you can see it was incredibly emotional. I was never really allowed more than 5-10 minutes at a time for cuddles; it felt so difficult to place her back inside her little box. I remember that desperate feeling of needing those important newborn snuggles, to spend hours just sitting and cuddling, smelling her head. But each time it was always too soon. It was always so wonderful. 
 kangaroo care
 She looks so tiny here, she hadn’t quite hit 2lb. But her delicate ways meant that she felt like two tonnes, not 2lb!!

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