Melody’s Footprints

Making memories as a family can always seem so incredibly bittersweet; forever missing someone. It was very soon into our grief that we would definitely struggle with making such memories.

There were a couple of baby-loss forums which offered graphics with baby’s names on, which I requested. These graphics then turned to friends thinking of her at the beach, giving her the footprints in the sand which she never had the chance to make.

We scrapbook as many as we can, and have had many, many pictures since 2012. Often around her birthday and anniversary, we will receive them. Very occasionally we receive them completely out of the blue, they really mean a lot Рbecause it had meant she had randomly entered their thoughts for them to have taken the time to write her name.

As well as the graphics, we have her name in food, flowers. Material, leaves and snow. Her name is written in many places abroad – places we will probably never be able to afford to go to. My children love to write her name, or search for the letter M in gift shops; Melody isn’t overly common. We love this way of trying to keep her memory alive, it is so important to us to know that she hasn’t been forgotten.

Here a couple in her collection

Word Melody

the letter M on grass

Post-Neonatal awareness


She has been to



Australia (a few times)







To name a few…

We recently decided to begin a collection on Instagram going by the hashtag name – #melodysfootprints. We would love it if you would join in if you’re ever near the beach, or surrounded by leaves, or even just having a pen and paper to hand, it would be lovely just to see her name out there.

Our miniature hero on her very own adventure Рour time traveller.