What If

On their own what and if are insignificant, tiny little words.
But together are heavy reminders of things that might have been. 
What If. 
What if is something that is engraved into a person when they lose someone they love, of course not just a baby, so many missed opportunities, occasional regrets. 
What If. 
When I lost Grandparents, a parent there were many what ifs but over time for me they have passed, my Nan had Alzheimer’s Disease, so sadly inevitable that we’d lose her at some point. She had days where we visited her, spent time with her thinking, that would her last day, but when it came her final moments she sent alone, I missed her last breath by moments. But in all honesty because the disease hadn’t taken hold for me there wasn’t really any what ifs. 
When my Dad passed, it was sudden, for a time there were the usual, What if he hadn’t taken my brother out? What if he’d been at home, or surrounded by people? Would there have been a chance for him?What if my relationship with him was better? So many what ifs, but in time they have faded, occasionally they creep up, but they never feel like a punch in the gut; like the What Ifs that come with losing Melody. It doesn’t mean I loved my Nan or my Dad any less, it just really means that the grief over the three are so different, for me incomparable. 
Even almost five years down the line, the What ifs, the questions are still as clear and as painful as the first days after she died. 
For me even her birth presents these questions in my mind.
I was ill, I felt terrible but I often question whether there was more, to go through the events leading to her birth, of course these were answered with just how seriously ill I was, moments from seizing, but still; 
What if there could have been more to be done?
What if I hadn’t had a peanut butter craving?
What if I hadn’t brought the pram in the house?
She was the only one I ate peanut butter with (or peanuts in general), 
she was the only one we had the pram in the house. 
Of course those are silly ones, to you maybe but to me they’re huge.
What if I hadn’t had the car accident in the beginning? 
I was about 10 weeks pregnant when I wrote off my car, I still see the man who caused the accident, and still wonder if that was the start of it all.
What if we had been phoned sooner? 
There were little things that we noticed that the nurses hadn’t, not all bad, not because they weren’t doing their jobs, but as her parents we saw things that they didn’t always notice, maybe we could have spotted something that night. 
What if there had been more staff?
What if we had been asked about the eye procedure? 
What if we’d refused?
These are just a few. 
So many questions that are still as clear as the day she left, some answered, some not. 
Some still cause our hearts to skip a beat at how different the outcome should have been had things been done differently. 
What If I had done more?

Why do I keep on, keep punishing myself? 
The simple answer is I’m not. 
For me it is part of my love, my journey I have with the girl who couldn’t stay. 
Our Daughter. 

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