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We had a visitor..

Short, but exciting one from me this evening.
I’d told my children we were expecting a visitor, but I didn’t tell them who this visitor would be lots of guessing, although my son hit the spot at one point, I slyly avoided his questions.
With just over a month to go, we had a form of seasonal celebrity pop in to see the children. And what a lovely experience it was too.
The children’s faces lit up when he arrived,
Well, the older two loved him. Our three year old hated him, and the one year old really was not sure in the slightest.
My son even gave him a tune.
Now, this blog isn’t the place I normally speak too much about Melody’s siblings, but there is a reason.
Our magical experience, has been thanks to local charity Towards Tomorrow Together; where they provide Santa home visits to children who have lost a sibling, along with everything else they provide throughout the year.
Giving the children some well deserved magic, whilst us as parents watch with such Joy the smiling faces the Santa has caused.
It is such a wonderful thing they offer, and I am so pleased that we gave it ago.
They all each received gifts, a candle making kit, a mini skate board set, inflatable Olafs a book and a stuffed squid (not real!)
He certainly has put me in the Christmas visit, I hope all his other visits are as successful.
Thank you .
Christmas is always a bittersweet time for us.
But it was one of my promises to Melody,
which was to make Christmas as magical for the children as I can.

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