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Towards Tomorrow Together

A year or so ago a lovely lady approached me with her wonderful plans of an idea to help bring the community together. A much needed service for the people of our town. In particular to offer decent maternity service,that sadly lacks in a lot of areas due to funding.

At St Mary’s was born.
Not only to offer much needed Maternity Services but a variety of other support groups in the area.
A venue that has had various groups over the years such as Brownies and toddler groups.
Set in the grounds in one of our beautiful churches, it will now become the home for my very own project,a project of course that is close to my heart.

When I was first asked,I felt so thrilled to be given such an opportunity. Unfortunately I became I’ll,so my project went on the back burner. Until recently have started to go full pelt,into getting it up and running.
I am thrilled to say I have support the Somerset charity
Towards Tomorrow Together. Who help provide support to bereaved parents.
I will look after the branch in my town.
I’ve (hopefully) provided support online and hoping I can continue face to face.

We have a launch date of Tuesday 3rd May 2016, At St Mary’s starting approximately 730/745.
I feel so honoured to be able to have this opportunity.
We will have monthly meets,and a rainbow group to eventually follow.

Please head over to our group TTT Somerset Baby Loss Support Group. Where we will have dates and more information.

I am also looking at a name change for my group. It is currently Cake and Cuddles. But with discussion would love to incorporate Melody’s name.
Any ideas greatly received.

Thank you for reading.

I wish Becky and her team the best of luck. Thank you to you,Sue and Mel for giving me a chance to make a difference.

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