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Happy First Birthday Little Daffodils

First Birthday

A year ago in March I made connection with Towards Tomorrow Together Founder, Mel Scott, I’d been planning to set up a pregnancy and infant loss support group for a while, probably from about six months after Melody had died. I wanted it to be a step towards breaking the silence, that is pregnancy and infant loss, a step to bring support to anyone who feels alone in this journey.
The date for a launch had been set, I began to feel incredibly nervous about the set up, so to help make my dreams into a reality I decided to contact Mel. With another Mum, Tracy the pregnancy and infant loss support group was launched.  
Where Mel came over, we had a lovely evening, albeit a small number of people had arrived, but we did however launch a truly unique group.
With the support from Mayor Dave Bulmer, local Midwife, Health visitor (although not pictured here).
It was lovely to bring awareness for what would hopefully become a successful support group. 
We have since moved from St Mary’s Rooms to now hosting the group in the upstairs rooms of Eleos, for which we have been incredibly grateful to their kindness and support, even when we do have the quieter sessions, they are always incredibly welcoming.


This week we hit our very first birthday, it has only just dawned on me, that we have reached a year, so no balloons or big party, but a bit of reflection.
We have had some truly lovely people cross our paths over the past year, to share their stories, to find hope. It hasn’t been a particularly busy group, but it has been in my eyes successful. When we first started it was said if we could help just one person, then it makes all the hard work worthwhile, we’ve helped more than one, either as the group setting or via private messages.
I am pleased with that, of course not pleased that people have to find us, I wished no-one needed our resources, but to hopefully make other people feel less alone.

A Year

It has been an incredible year, raising the much needed awareness for baby loss, we were able to do things I never imagined possible.
From Radio Interviews, which included speaking about a Butterfly Award nomination, as well as raising awareness for the group and various public speaking opportunities. One of my (I think I speak for Tracy too) favourite moments was meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury, that was an amazing experience, such a lovely man. I could have spoken to him all day, he really made speaking about Little Daffodils and our story really easy.
We, with the help of other Mums, Sam and Gemma,  have hosted a couple of fundraising events, a coffee morning, table top sale and our very successful Barn Dance, which raised just over £1700! It was hard work, but an incredible experience to be involved with, and every single person had a wonderful time.
It has been a few months since the event, the awareness has grown somewhat, with most recently collecting a cheque from the Mayor in front of many inspirational people, we had been included in the town’s community fund, where we will be using it for study and awareness sessions for the town’s professionals.
We also recently had our very first Family Session, it was a lovely couple of hours, we even had Anna and Elsa for the occasion. We’re hoping to make this a regular session, but are actively looking for a new venue, which we’re really excited about.
So, this is Little Daffodils, First Year, huge thank you to everyone involved in getting us to our first birthday, I am excited to see what the next year brings.
We still meet the first Tuesday of the month from 730pm, upstairs of Eleos in the centre of town.
We have a fundraiser in August, with organising well under way, lots more awareness for such a fantastic cause. (It’ll also be in aid of St Margaret’s Hospice too). 
Thank you for reading and for your continued support. I hope to still be here for our second birthday. 

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