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Family Drop in Session..Little Daffodils

Why it is so important to have this session.

In May 2016 Little Daffodils (formally named Melody’s Voices) was formed as a support group in Chard for parents who have lost a baby during and after pregnancy. Working with the Somerset Charity Towards Tomorrow Together, we have formed a solid partnership.
When I was putting the group together, there was several questions about whether or not Children could come to the group.
Being a parent who has lost a baby, and have other children, you kind of become like Clark and Superman.

Split personalities

But on how you react to such loss. There’s a mask, a different identity to wear one for the children (and often even to people who don’t truly understand), and one where you can be incredibly honest and open to the heartbreak that is baby loss, scream, swear, shout or simply sit in the silence whilst you take what has happened to you in.
Then there is the side you have to be around the children..
The ”I’m ok, Everything is fine” mask.
So the decision was made to not allow children to the evening sessions, to allow parents to be free to speak, share a tear or two, or just that time to concentrate on just themselves and the loss of their little one for a couple of hours.
Having a family session allows anyone who doesn’t have child care, or who’d like to come as a couple but normally can’t the opportunity to be able get some bereavement support, we are a very friendly bunch of people, who would like to help; this could be a small step to being able to come to an evening session, when you are ready.
Parenting after a loss, can be very different to how you would before, and at times can be incredibly lonely, when reaching out to other people, particularly if the other people don’t quite understand what you are going through.
We’ll have the usual “toddler” group set up, (I say toddlers, but of course older and younger children are also welcome), toys, chairs a cuppa and cake, both Mums and Dads are welcome too.
Talk as little or as much as you want, or not at all, just being in a place surrounded by fully understanding people, is sometimes all it needs to feel slightly less alone.

First Session, special guests

Little Daffodils’ very first family session, (here) will be held in the grounds of St Mary’s Church in Chard, from  Saturday 22nd April 11am until 12.30, it’ll be £1 per family, come and meet us, have a cuppa and some cake, see what we’re all about.
We’re very lucky to have the lovely Anna and Elsa come and join us too.
We would very much like to see you there, even if the circumstances should have been nicer.
Thank you for reading
Little Daffodils Team.

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