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Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Two Identity

Today is about our babies.
Here goes…
Melody Caitlyn Scott
Born healthy On Sunday 26th February 2012, weighing 1lb 5oz
Her name was originally going to be Autumn Amelia, but come the Christmas before she was born,
(though we didn’t know her sex at this point)
whilst watching Dr Who we completely fell in love with the name Melody,
not massively popular but not too common a name either.
Once she was born it quickly became apparent that this name would certainly suit her.
We were told that she wouldn’t make a sound on arrival.
She squeaked it was literally sweet music to our ears..
She was feisty, pulling 6-8 feeding tubes out a day, fidgeting far too much for her to gain weight!
Even had a fight with the cardiologist
She had blonde/red hair and had her daddy’s nose, and her big brother and sister’s eyes.
I wish I had more time with her…..
Sunday 1st April 2012, at 5 weeks old-35 days,weighing 2lb 2oz
She died
Our miniature hero just died…
taken at a couple hours old and at 25 days old

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