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Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Twenty One Honour

Is there anything that you have done to honour your baby since they died?
Did you give back to the community?
Make a conscious decision to live as beautifully as possible?
Take on the role of helping others in your situation?
Maybe you work as an advocate for breaking the silence for our community.
Well in the beginning all I wanted to do was do something to remember and honour
Melody, I wouldn’t ever be able to take her for day outs, picnics normal every day things.
Wanted to raise money for good causes.
instead of making something good out of something so shit
It made me feel worse, humiliation at it’s finest.
when you’re waiting by the door or gate to your event that you have spent months and months organising
and not once but TWICE have more organisers there than visitors….
IT SUCKS…………………………
All I ever wanted to do was keep Melody’s memory alive
By making a difference.
To Break The Silence.
So there will be no more
organised big events.
In a brighter note when we were raising  a tiny amount of money, we raised for a lovely charity
Saying Goodbye a division of
The Mariposa Trust.
Saying Goodbye help to give support in Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Any gestation and any age.
Aside from the charity
I arranged a community Wave of Light this year
(again little response)
There were 5 of us and it was truly stunning,
the lack of people won’t stop me from doing that again.
I asked within my on-line support and gathered children’s names to remember and light candles for
(which I’ve already mentioned)
I do abstract names for parents
Names on pebbles, names in the sand, even names written in one pence pieces.
I do this because I love the therapy it gives me, I’m always looking for different ideas on how to do the names.
And parents seem to love them.
Just as I love seeing Melody’s name in different ways, I scrap book them, for her own little adventures.
Lastly and most importantly
 I admin on a loss forum,
which is so important to me.
To be able to help other grieving parents is just out of this world.
Our community is like no other, no matter what we hold each other’s hands
no judgement just warmth, and I love giving back to that.

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