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Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Twelve Articles

Today is about sharing articles that we have come across
in the journey, things that have inspired us as bereaved parents,
and there are those that have inspired people who’ve never lost a child.
So I’ll share some links…
I’ve only just found this one, and can certainly relate, with comparing.
Even I compare previous losses of my own
(never anybody elses, every body’s grief is unique and mine is unique to me and OUR babies).
Since losing Melody I very very rarely mention my miscarriages, it’s not that I wouldn’t have loved them
or thought any less of them.
I didn’t ‘meet’ them,
apart from a heartbeat on a screen, this was the closest I ever came to meeting them.
I’ll quietly think of them on due dates and maybe loss dates, but this is as far as it goes
But I don’t compare my love for my earthly children,
without needing to explain why or how I love them.
This is a lovely article too.
I felt at times people very close to us blamed us for inflicting this pain
on the children.
Their innocence stolen.
But why weren’t in the position to hide it from them.
Their baby sister was coming home.
But then she didn’t.
It really wasn’t something we could have kept from them.
But they have been truly amazing.
The night Melody died, we blew a kiss to Melody’s star.
As I tucked my daughter in she was 7 at the time, I kissed her goodnight.
She says “mummy? Will you and John try for another baby? Because if you do you could give it Melody as a middle name”
Taken aback I stuttered and and replied, “maybe one day”
She then replies with
“Well does that mean you and John will have sex?”
A truly remarkable statement from such a girl,
who on that very day was told here baby sister had gone to live in the clouds.
I don’t regret telling them, we had no choice.
My only regret is that we had this story to tell.
A blog created by 3 inspirational women.
Raising awareness of the journey they are facing.
Opening it up for guest blogs too, letting other mummies and daddies too
share their thoughts and feelings.
Allowing us to not feel so alone.
While being anonymous at the same time.
Ive included a couple too.
But nothing as half as inspirational as the articles on there.

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