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Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Three Myth

My first one is Time Is a Healer, unfortunately for me this hasn’t worked, the pain isn’t as raw admittedly however I’ve learnt to live with the grief, that loving Melody means I’ll have to do this instead.
Suffering from PTSD, time doesn’t help, a permanent time watcher, makes time worse.
But it’s something I can live and cope with…..
Because I have older children and now a rainbow baby, I should be over Melody, because I have children I shouldn’t be hurting as much, my grief is unimportant…
But honestly..
Which of your children would you choose to never ever see, touch or smell again?
No you can’t, then please don’t expect me to either, she’s is and always will be my 2nd daughter my third child.  My eldest daughter’s little sister and my youngest daughter’s older sister.
Being contagious..
It’s not contagious, I will not infect baby loss on you,
I WILL raise awareness, and do my absolutely best to keep you safe, so you don’t have to endure this pain;
Being friends with me, speaking to me asking me questions will not mean you will have a bad pregnancy or lose you baby.

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