capture your grief

Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Ten

Day 10 Beliefs.
If you asked me a year ago, what did I believe in regards to Melody?
I’d have said she’s in heaven and happy.
But today this is not so.
Thinking about it I have spent so long believing lies about her.
I believed after being told that because she is a girl she would be ok.
She had a better chance at survival than a boy.
I was told in the middle of March 2012 that she would be coming home witsun 2012.
here was nothing more they could do.
How can she be in a better place when the best place is being in the arms of her mother?…
How can I believe, when all I’ve had are lies?
I can’t believe in anything, other than she is in her forever bed.
The end.
I hope I can gain a belief of some kind,
fairy tales maybe, where the ending is happy and that Melody is too…
Do I believe in heaven?
No, because living without Melody.
Is hell.
This little girl was meant to come home.
And for this moment this is my belief.Image

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