capture your grief

Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Sixteen Seasons

Today’s season would mainly be spring.
Though the autumn and winter reminds me a lot of her as I was pregnant with her then.
Spending day after day in the company of my growing bump,
being insanely sick!
So The Spring
It was a miserable couple of months before hand.
The very day she was born it was dry and nice outside.
By the time I’d come out of theatre,
I briefly looked out of my window and the sun absolutely beamed through.
And from that day until she died she had beautiful sunshine.
I wore vests and flip-flops whilst visiting her, it was so hot.
I even managed to get burnt whilst wandering through town.
(A Couple of pictures I don’t think I have shared before)
We had daffodils for her Angel Day
We’ll always remember daffodils as her flower
After Melody’s service and we were back at her celebration
It rained and it continued to do so for a while too.

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