capture your grief

Capture Your Grief 2013 Day One Sunrise

So here we are again, my second Capture your Grief project.
In loving Memory of Melody Caitlyn, forever 5 weeks old
and for 3 little stars, whose hearts only drummed inside of me..
Thank you for joining me in this journey
Not only is it the first day of the project
but it is also marks 18 months ago today since the reason I am here doing my project.
18 months I still miss you, I still wish things were different.
18 months of saying goodbye
The significance of Sunrise to Melody will always be with us,
as the day she was born the sun shone so brightly, like she brought the spring with her.
camera!!!!!! 012camera!!!!!! 001
Taken in Somerset, in the UK
See you tomorrow
#breaking the silence

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