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Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Nineteen Support

It’s just about the support every single day
which helps, but those who came along and never left us.
When people have turned their backs on us because
they are “afraid of what to say”
afraid to be near us in-case
“we infect them with infant death”
They don’t realise it’s just that we have buried our daughter,
but we’re having to bury friendships too.
This bloody hurts!
Truth may hurt too..
So it pains me to say that locally there has barely been ANYONE that
has stayed by us, it’s not as if our baby died….
oh wait!
So here goes
The obvious few, Nanny Julie, Grandalf, Laa Laa, Uncles and F aunties.
Friendship wise, Kelly, Natalie, Sam, Harriet (though she’s moved 🙁 ) Tash, Michael
Also the new groups I attend, supporting me by making me feel normal and not
“just the lady who lost her baby”
But the biggest support
has to be the on-line communities I am in,
This is not just the baby loss but I am sill in contact with ladies from Melody’s birth board they have been my absolute life line.
PAIL/BC, and the very close Facebook groups are so SO important to me.
I would be lost without these women at the end of a chat message.
They know who they are, though we’ve never met they are more than just “on-line friends”
Lastly and amazingly is
Jerry and John.
My best friend and Husband.
Jerry I am so thankful to be friends with, also in this “club” she has
held my hand every single step of the way, met through Facebook
she is now my rainbow’s God mother and very much part of our family.
I can say absolutely anything to Jerry and John and they completely understand.
They’ve also helped me to get out of bed.
John has been my absolute rock, my soul mate.
Even though we’ve had people accuse him of “kidnapping” me
and him not letting me do or see what I like.
This is far from true.
He has hold me up,
made me smile,
wiped away my tears.
I am so damn lucky to have him.
Thank you

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