capture your grief

Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Fourteen Family

These people and pets mean the absolute world to me.
We were given Melody then she was snatched a way after a month.
People think that because I have my older children and now a rainbow, that losing Melody means less than anyone else’s loss.
My family WILL always be without Melody, I fed washed her and cuddled her, we will always ALWAYS be minus 1.
My sunshine babies are hurting too.
My Rainbow will never meet her….
They have all been my rock.
They have helped me to smile, and to get out of bed every single day.
They have taught me that nothing matters more than these guys.
Though there are things that scare the hell out of me.
But on the whole I’ve become a lot calmer parent.
When you have had the absolute unimaginable happen to you,
the little things are just that small fry….
So here is
My husband,
Angel Melody,
Narla Porridge and Nemo (not pictured lol).
My absolute world.
My job is to one day make them proud

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