Capture Your Grief 2013 Day Four Legacy

To begin with the truth may hurt…
Today’s theme is Legacy, a difficult one to be honest.
Not knowing what to pick.
What Melody’s legacy could be.
I wanted raising money for charities to be a legacy, away of doing something in her memory;
we can’t buy her Christmas or birthday presents,, to take her to Legoland or watch her leave school, so raising money made me feel like I was doing something…..
however, with the feeling of being humiliated twice, with being let down in doing the above, I made the decision to stop.
Humiliation is a feeling way down in my list for things I should have to deal with…..
So Melody’s Legacy.
Would be a couple of things, she has changed the way the Neonatal eye test (ROP – Retinopathy of Prematurity) will be performed,
makes a lot of premature babies poorly, only Melody couldn’t fight her sepsis from it.
Another would be, to stop assumptions with poorly babies, to intervene a lot sooner, rather than the “wait and see” methods.
These have changed because Melody died, in the hope another family wont have to say goodbye.
The most important one for me personally, would have to be
Melody has shown me that it truly is NOT quantity but quality.
Bringing me new friendships,
strengthening old ones,
virtual ones too,
giving me the confidence to smile again, and if I need to cry or rant then these friends don’t push me away.
Or make me feel guilty that
Thank you for this legacy

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