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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Two: Before Loss Self Portrait

Today’s picture I chose one of the first pictures of me having Kangaroo Care with Melody. Kangaroo Care is the precious skin to skin that premature mums miss out on at full term birth.Baby is pouched underneath mum’s top/or what ever she is wearing. Melody was put in my nursing bra underneath my vest top; she gets the kangaroo care while keeping warm.
A lot of countries use this style of care as a type of medicine, can sometimes help premature babies and sick babies in getting better.
This photo is an extremely precious photo, as with all of my children’s photos. What you can’t see is Melody receiving another teary shower, I always felt overwhelmed when giving her cuddles, it was always such huge milestones for me and for her, literally had to take each day as it comes to what sort of cuddle she would receive.
This day in particular we were also told that Melody would be coming home. They were waiting for her to put on weight and grow, but medically they were happy with her. We had felt so happy that day, counting down the days to when she would be coming home and having proper cuddles from her big sister and brother. She would be due to come home mid-May, a week or two BEFORE her would have been due date.
We were ecstatic to say the least, wondering what we would do on our first half term as a family of 5.
Little did we know that 15/16 days later we would be told she would in fact not be coming home.
Melody enjoying mummy cuddles March 2012

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