Capture your grief

Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Twenty Three Their Name/Their Photo

Today is about sharing our beautiful angels.
I have plucked up the courage to show one of her first ever pictures (I still can’t share her first), she’s so tiny and precious. This picture was taken within her first few hours, while she still had her vent in, she was only on this for 24 hours in the beginning. Stayed off it until 2 hours before she died
You can see just how tiny she was next to her daddy’s hand.
I hadn’t actually met her by this point I was still in recovery. Her right leg was slightly off colour as she had a little clot in her thigh joint, but it had cleared all by it self.
She was nicknamed little Miss fidgety pants, right from the beginning, she needed to keep her leg raised but no she had other ideas, forever “dancing” From this photos she had progressed so much.
Melody Caitlyn
Born Sunday 26th February 2012 at 1336 weighing 67g
Died Sunday 1st April 2012 at 0930 weighing 1kg
Forever wishing it had been an April fools joke

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