capture your grief

Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Twenty Seven Artwork

Sharing artwork of some kind that maybe myself or others have done in memory of Melody. Well we’ve done nothing official.
We’re looking into eventually have her name written in the sands in Australia by Carly Marie. She writes their names under the beautiful sunsets of Australia, something I would never be able to do personally. We’ll get it canvassed too. I won’t share her artwork, as it’s not mine to share but feel free to look at her blog, which I’ve included at the side of my blog.
So I will share My eldest daughter’s bit of artwork, she had drawn before Melody had died. She always tried to draw her a picture every week, her first picture was in fact taped to the out side of Melody’s incubator by the nurses so she could maybe see it.
It’s pictures of her, Melody in her inci with her monitor and their brother.
They are pinned to our wall, love how my daughter still likes to include Melody in her drawings. xxx

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