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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Twenty Four Siblings

I’m here to write about siblings, so I would dedicate today’s to Melody’s siblings. Two of the strongest children I’ve ever met.
They have held it together throughout this whole journey. My daughter even put her arms around me and her little brother while we sobbed in the church. I would probably have to say though they are 4 and 7 they have been our biggest support. They include Melody as their sister without us having to ever mention her to them. They are certainly not afraid to speak her name. Or look at her pictures.
They can of course go days without saying her name, and then other days where they non stop talking about her. Though being in the unit was hard going for them, as it was so hot, they never once complained.
I truly am so very very proud of them, always was anyway. But to behave better than some adults have is just amazing.

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