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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Twenty Charity/Organisation

Today is about showing what organisations have helped us along our journey.
I have chosen two for today, I’ve already mentioned yesterday in things we’re already planning for charity and fund raising.
The two organisations I am dedicating my blog to today I am fairly new to being associated to.
One is Cruse bereavement service, my midwife originally put our names forward for this and I have been receiving the care for the past 6 weeks, unfortunately they only tend to offer 6 weeks, but I have been lucky enough to have her extra sessions and she will be greatly involved with my pregnancy because I need the extra support. (of which I’ll talk about another time).
I have found the service extremely helpful while we felt completely let down by an organisation that should have been there from the beginning.
The next one again is a very new one to me (not to other angel parents), I was introduced to this via Facebook links.
Carly Marie is behind this Capture your grief project. She is an inspirational woman who has also lost and is now helping parents across the world to speak of their children, albeit miscarriage, still birth, neonatal deaths- like us or even later.
She helps to let our babies/children live on forever. She’s brought thousands of us together to share our babies names and stories.

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