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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Thirty One Sunset

Well I can’t believe it’s over, today is the final day of this project. I know some have enjoyed reading, and I’m hoping people haven’t thought too much, well if I’m truthful it has really helped me; again to know I can mention Melody and not just for a once a year project. It has been nice to be able to do something for her for a whole month.
To be able to raise awareness on such a “taboo” subject.
Well unfortunately the weather is hideous, pouring with rain and to be honest no way to get a decent picture of any kind of Sunset.
So instead I have chosen a picture of Melody and her first encounter with the sun.
Though she never went outside, her incubator was by the window and fire door, she came out for a cuddle and the sun was beaming in, hitting her in the face lighting up her blonde hair that lightly coated her head. She wasn’t impressed but she also appeared intrigued by such a bright light. Being snuggled up in her incubator which for 80% of the time was covered by a blanket to give a womb feel, the sun shine was a probably a bit of shock to her.
Well here is my final project picture Melody and her first (and last) Sunbathe xxxxx
Again thank you so much for reading my blog these 31 days. I really hope it’s shown a little understanding into how Hubby and I are coping and dealing with things.
And a special thank you to Carly Marie for setting this up bringing thousands of people together. And to the other parents for sharing their stories too

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