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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Ten Symbols

Symbols for our Melody.
My choices for today is.
1. Monkeys, we had nick named Melody our monkey when things had started to go down hill in my pregnancy. we found a cuddly monkey in the hospital shop a couple of days before she was born. That particular monkey stayed with her, it never came home, it watched over her in the unit, attached to her monitor. When she began to move closer to the door we’d occasionally walk in to play spot the monkey. So we chose for her monkey to be buried with her.
She was also a monkey in the unit. Keeping the nurses on their toes, pulling 5-6 feeding tubes out a day, fidgeting when she was supposed to be still and quiet to help her gain weight.
This picture of a monkey is one of the few we began to buy ready for her homecoming and nursery corner.
2. Fairies, our blessing day had fairies as part of our theme, the night we conceived her, this fairy in particular is a birthstone fairy, she’s holding Melody’s birthstone which is Amethyst. Her headstone will also feature fairies and fairy dust.
Tiny but beautiful.
3.Butterflies, They are a symbolisation of neonatal babies. Butterflies are so beautiful but only live for a short time,much like the short time of neonatal angels.
I always see a yellow or white butterfly when we are planning on doing something for our Angel.
All are so beautiful and so important to us.

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