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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Five Memorial

Today is about sharing what kind of things we have done in memory of Melody.
Unfortunately, her headstone is still in the process of being made, we’re hoping it’ll be ready and fixed in time for Christmas. I’ve kind of cheated for today’s project and made a collage of various of things we have in memory of her.
In the top left hand corner if a few things we have been given. In this little picture is a certificate of Melody’s very own rose. A rose named after her by her Grandalf and Lala, (my husband’s dad and step-mum), we have the certificate, while they are looking after the actual rose as we have no garden at the moment sadly. The next thing is a framed poem the hospital gave us about our daughter being an angel. The final thing in that picture is a candle a special friend of mine gave to us, a daughter candle, which we have yet to light.
The picture next to it is of Melody’s christening table at the hospital, so we could capture the image. The piece of paper is the words spoken by her doctor, her christening took no less than 30 seconds before her ventilator was removed and we had to say our goodbyes, making sure she heard us both at the very end. We really hope she did.
Underneath is Melody’s forever bed. We’re still awaiting her headstone on which we’re hoping will be completed and fixed by Christmas as the children would like to decorate it for her. She had a fabric butterfly at the head of her bed, a solar butterfly so she’s not in the dark at night time, and a couple of cuddly toys, though sadly she no longer has the koala and dinosaur as someone broke them, this upset us immensely but we chose not to let it stop us from giving her cuddly toys to keep her company.
The final picture is of a christening candle, a candle she should have gotten had she have been christened properly, it was lit by our vicar by her bedside.
Once again thank you for reading
Never imagined taking part in this project to raise awareness would be so hard….

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