capture your grief

Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Fifteen Wave of Light

Well this really was a lot harder than I ever imagined. I felt like such a surreal day any way, bitter-sweet as it were.
We had a meeting about our hopeful meeting (which I’ll go in to later) and a meeting about Melody with her doctor. Was extremely hard going. Though I find it hard to sit and speak with her, I also like sitting with her, she knew, met Melody she was there when she was born and there when she grew her wings. So it is nice to be with someone who we can talk about her openly to.
She didn’t elaborate much more about things we already knew.
The WAVE of light happened from 7 pm. There were so many candles being lit, so many babies and children mentioned, life is truly so cruel. All my angel mummy friends had included Melody in their candle lighting as I did with ours. A few of my friends had joined in too.
Lanterns were also sent to Melody and her friends too, meant so much.
Was so overwhelming to see the people who do actually care and think of us.

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