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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Eleven Support

We have had a fair few people who have supported us through out, far too many to mention individually. I found amazing support through my BT, MF and BC ladies (they all know who they are). I’ve never met any of them apart form one, who I’ll mention shortly.
They read my rants, reply to my rambles but always if I am having a bad day they will make sure they help to pick me up again.
We had a very few people come to Melody’s celebration and we’ll always remember that, to know they were thinking of her.
In my collage is just a few with some of those being the utmost support we could ever have asked for.
I’ve included my husband as he has been my absolute rock, above everything he still manages to dry my tears, console me and to know to not blame myself.
There are two ladies featured here from my online groups one organised a collection to send us flowers and arranged a memory box for us, which I’ll present in a few days time. This meant so much to us. Something we’ll never ever forget.
The second lady supported me through out Melody’s time in the unit, messaged daily, sending positive thoughts and made sure her beautiful angel watched over our Melody. From the day Melody passed away she has done nothing but been a HUGE rock! Without her I think I would have struggled. She knows how and what I am feeling, I’ve said things to her and I know she’ll never ever judge me….because she understands.
When I felt completely let down by people I thought who cared this lady and her partner travelled 200 miles to come and support Melody’s fundraiser opening night. I cried a lot when she told me she would be coming down. Daft mare that I am. We’re in contact most days.
Three other people went completely out of their way to help organise the fundraiser, bent over back wards to get things down, again they message me on a daily basis even now, they make sure I’m ok, just a message means so much.
The few other pictures are family and friends, who have made us a cup of tea when all we wanted to do was hide. It’s all we ever wanted.
Then there is my son and daughter who without them knowing or doing anything intentional, have just been them, they have kept me up right, given me a cuddle if I struggle to hide my tears, which is rare, I don’t like to cry in front of them,
They are my absolute world.
Not pictured is my mummy friend from school, who regularly visits and my husband’s best friends girlfriend, always a message away. And a couple of others who have helped to put a smile on my face.
Without the above people we would still remained in such a dark place when the rest of the world ignored us, or came up with insensitive comments.
Thank you for that xxxx

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