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Capture Your Grief 2012 Day Eight Jewellery

Today’s entry is a little more up beat. Concentrating on what jewellery we have to keep our children close.
The first two pictures are of a gorgeous locket (I’ve yet to find the perfect chain for it) given to me buy a group of lovely women I came into contact with through on-line forums, have never met them face to face, but they have been a huge support network through my pregnancy and then the birth and loss of Melody, Amazing ladies, they all chipped in and brought us along with this a few other things too, which I’ll share on the next project day.
The third picture is of a bracelet given as part of a set from the hospital. The set came with three bracelets and a key ring, the key ring was given to my husband but he chose to give it to my son.
One bracelet was for me one for my daughter and one for Melody, she has it with her for always, they are all matching so we’re kind of all together.
I try and wear it as much as I can but terrified I’ll lose it or break it is irreplaceable.
Eventually hoping to get Melody’s hand or foot print onto a piece of jewellery but again haven’t picked out the right one that stands out for me yet, it needs to be perfect!

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