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Capture our Grief 2012. Day Three After Loss Self Portrait

Today’s picture is one of us hiding behind our sorrow.
Days after Melody’s funeral, we made a swift escape to North Devon, to get away from it all. Didn’t quite work, we couldn’t leave our pain behind us.
Broken as the world moved on, wondering what on Earth had just happened to us and why were we the ones to have to endure it.
How did we deserve to have just buried our precious daughter? What was the meaning to any of what we were going through. We felt incredibly lost.
Only having ourselves to carry us through. Wondering if we as a couple, as a family would ever be able to recover, knowing we would never get over it. Our former selves, part of us buried with Melody.
I know I would never have gotten to where (where ever that is) I am today if it weren’t for my husband. xxxxx

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