#captureyourgrief Beliefs and Spirituality

Short entry today.
I’ve mentioned a few times, I’ve almost no belief to where Melody is. My brain cannot think the way in which I’d hoped it would.
My heart would love to believe she’s flying solo.
But my head knows where she is. That is where she stays..
It isn’t something I want to imagine or feel. I wish I had the spirituality others have,I’d much rather that that trapped in my own thoughts.

I hope one day it’ll click,I’ll be free to believe, that she’s in a better place, at peace with the world. Of course there is no place better than being with us,her family. But to believe there is something greater than the cemetery I see her at.

Today,I’ll add a photo of the place I feel at peace with. It may well be a spiritual thing,I’ve no idea. But the beaches in North Devon for some reason give me peace.
I love being there.

I’m hoping it’ll bring Melody’s spirit to me one day.
For now I’m OK with the way I feel,and no longer beat myself up over not relying on fluffy clouds to get me through.

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