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We had a visitor..

Short, but exciting one from me this evening. 
I’d told my children we were expecting a visitor, but I didn’t tell them who this visitor would be lots of guessing, although my son hit the spot at one point, I slyly avoided his questions.
With just over a month to go, we had a form of seasonal celebrity pop in to see the children. And what a lovely experience it was too. 
The children’s faces lit up when he arrived, 

Well, the older two loved him. Our three year old hated him, and the one year old really was not sure in the slightest. 

My son even gave him a tune.

Now, this blog isn’t the place I normally speak too much about Melody’s siblings, but there is a reason. 
Our magical experience, has been thanks to local charity Towards Tomorrow Together; where they provide Santa home visits to children who have lost a sibling, along with everything else they provide throughout the year. 
Giving the children some well deserved magic, whilst us as parents watch with such Joy the smiling faces the Santa has caused. 

It is such a wonderful thing they offer, and I am so pleased that we gave it ago. 
They all each received gifts, a candle making kit, a mini skate board set, inflatable Olafs a book and a stuffed squid (not real!)
He certainly has put me in the Christmas visit, I hope all his other visits are as successful.
Thank you .
Christmas is always a bittersweet time for us. 
But it was one of my promises to Melody, 
which was to make Christmas as magical for the children as I can. 

Table Top Sale Success!

After months of preparations, we held a Table Top Sale in aid of Towards Tomorrow Together, who support our group, newly named Little Daffodils. (previously named Melody’s Voices).

Held at Chard Baptist Church
We had plenty of tables, with a variety things on offer, from cakes (Run by Gemma Green) and toys to clothes and bric-a-brac. 

Little Daffodils’ pot plant stall, alongside Merriott Majorettes for people to try their luck on their Lucky Jars stall. 
(Not sure what my daughter was doing here, she doesn’t get her craziness from me..)

We had a steady flow of people, from all ages, although I think the chill in the air stopped people from venturing out much. 
We had Splat the Rat going on outside which gave the children some fun too. 
Amongst the every day stalls, we had a raffle with the Main Prize of a Tea Hamper, which was won by Kath Trott of Chard.
As well as a brilliant Tombola run by Tracy Coath, donations from stall holders and the Tiger Shop.
All in all it was a successful day raising a wonderful 

Alongside our Sale preparations we also ran a Children’s Design A Poster Competition.
Unfortunately we were unable to announce at the sale. 
We have a Winner 
Leah Smith, who wins £15 Book Voucher, thanks to Chard Bookshop, she will also get to see her poster being used as part of our Barn Dance Promotion.
With a Runner-up 
of Neve Palmer. 
Huge Thank you to everyone who had a stall today
Our next Big Event is even bigger, we’re hosting a Barn Dance
For more information, see our events page over on Facebook

Meet Little Daffodils

After the death of our month old baby Melody in 2012, and receiving minimal support professionally, I knew from quite early on in this journey, I wanted to support others going through this rather unique experience, to not feel alone and unsupported.
Soon after her death I made online connections, gained support which in turn led to me giving the support too, six months later became an admin on a pregnancy loss forum, where I continue to do so now.
But I wanted to do more; late 2014, early 2015 I was approached with an idea to be part of a new centre in Chard, which would include a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group.
Being a little nervous, I contacted Mel Scott from baby loss charity Towards Tomorrow Together to see if they’d be interested in supporting the group, in May 2016 (Melody’s original due date month) my dream became a reality when Melody’s Voices was born.
Slow start, but profile raising it is becoming something truly amazing to be a part of, with another bereaved mum, Tracy comes to help run the group once a month.
The Butterfly Awards
Little Daffodils became our new name after I returned from The Butterfly Awards, stunned by how minimal bereavement care is in the West Country, it shouldn’t be, I then realised that the future of this particular group needed to be a lot more than Melody, a legacy that one day once the group is well used and I may find a time to say enough – I’ll never stop talking about her – but the group, the support can carry on years down the line.
Daffodils are her flower, but can be a symbol of short lives, which of course represent who we are.
Celebrating the ones who couldn’t stay.
The project as a whole is so much more than supporting sleeping babies (I, as well as some other bereaved parents aren’t keen on the saying “sleeping babies). I’ve found there’s a lot of awareness about the babies who were born still ‘sleeping’ or miscarriages, that many types of loss get lost.  So like ours where we were given miscarriage and stillbirth leaflets rather than ‘post’ neonatal death leaflets.  Doors slamming in our faces because she was too old or too young, it was something I wanted to change, leave no-one out.
Life for many families change completely, loss of their baby also brings the loss of friends and family. Leaving families alone and incredibly confused.
As well as supplying memory boxes (which was another thing we missed), which are filled with items to make memories with a precious baby who can’t come home.
To offer group support, advocacy, information and advice.
We didn’t get a lot of information when we left, things like the baby section of the cemetery in the town close by, or that there are a huge range of coffins, that cuddle cots existed or that actually parents, families can take their time with their baby after their hearts have stopped.
All too soon, the last goodbye becomes forever.
Something to assist families with these early days, questions they never knew possible, for us most of our questions were too late.
Everything Else
We recently had a successful fundraiser with the help of two other Mums here,
where we raised just over £1700.
Fantastic Start.
I’m currently in the early stages of doing my bereavement counselling training.
I will be setting up a branch of my blog for people to write their experiences too, watch this space..
We have a Facebook group (which is Private)
And a Page
Find out more of when we meet, and about the Family Session coming up.
So, this is Little Daffodils.
If you have been affected by the loss of your baby.
Know you’re not alone.
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