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The Countdown…Day 24

21st March 2012

Was the day we were told that our micro preemie would be coming home. 
15th May,  “Make plans as a family of 5 for Whitsun week” We were told.
They told us there was a possibility she’d come home on some home oxygen. 
But because she was such a feisty bum, she’d have come off the oxygen the day before discharge. 
We didn’t care, she was coming home.
We were almost in April, it meant we’d then have a month to go until we could walk away from the unit, with our tiny bundle in a car seat. 
She’d pulled her umpteenth tube out today too, she was declared a bad influence.
She was certainly making up for her size. 
A huge personality. 

The Countdown…Day 23

20th March 2012
That bliss, that we had been given hope. 
We had walked into to be greeted with the news I could have 
Kangaroo Care..
Skin to skin.
It wasn’t the first time I’d had a cuddle but was the first skin to skin. 
Beneficial to both mum and baby, mum of course for bonding and milk production.
But for baby can be medicinal, as well as bonding, our lady’s observations stabilised, 
In some undeveloped countries they use this technique as medicine alone. 
As you can see it was incredibly emotional. 
Back fully clothed in her incubator, 
her fine coating of hair.