Monthly Archives: December 2014

Lost for Words. Another Year

The third Christmas with that missing pile of presents. 
The third Christmas with that empty space at the table. 
Another Christmas of listening to people complain about the Children being naughty, 
The countless ” I need a break” 
When I would give anything just to give our missing girl a little peck under the mistletoe. 
To have all the children together in one room. 
A wish that will never be fulfilled, granted. 
An impossibility to ask for that truly perfect Christmas
I wasn’t lucky enough to spend even one Christmas with her.
Another year where we have to work hard to keep her memory alive. 
To open the Christmas Cards with a missing name. 
To have her never mentioned as if she never existed, 
because it’s time that we should have moved on by now. 
Well the truth is I still miss her, 
she’s still my daughter,  
I will always miss her, 
every time my heart beats is the times I miss her the most.
This year Melody, I truly am stuck for words, 
But for another Christmas, the same as every day you’re not here, 
but safely in mine, your dad’s and your siblings hearts. 
Eternally Missed. 
Forever Loved.