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Capture Your Grief 2012

I am changing my blog for the next month to raise awareness into Pregnancy and Infant Loss. In dedication to our beautiful daughter who passed away suddenly earlier this year.
Raising awareness to what appears to be such a taboo subject, silence falling on the families/parents of those who have lost. The loss of a future, the loss of the baby’s life, expectations on what she would have been doing.

Source: Carly Marie Project Heal

I’m “looking forward” to sharing my picture diary with you over the next month
Photographs taken on a daily basis from 1st October to 31st October is inspired by a woman who has suffered loss herself. A link is posted at the side of my blog. Carly Marie Project Heal.
In the middle of the month, is a world event called the Wave of light on 15th. Where at 7 pm candles are lit all over the world at their own time zone, as one candle fades out another is lit. A beautiful way to remember our babies and children far FAR too early.
This is a community that no one person ever wants to belong to but is brought together because we share such sadness that is so hard to explain, but we like no-one else understands.